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Name : Darkladys-ales

I am a : transgender submissive

City : Amsterdam

State : 100

Country : NL

Daily Hot list: You earn points from members who vote on any photos, news stories, stories, videos and live webcams you have posted. These points apply on the day someone votes on an item. For example, you post story today, and 55 people vote on it, those points apply to today's hot list totals, and those 55 people will not be able to vote on your story again, but tomorrow 24 people vote on the same story, you then earn points tomorrow for those votes. So the secret to being on the daily hot list is to simply submit items for the community, plus get on webcam. The daily Hot List also takes into account any new members who joined as a result of one of your banners, or entering your ID when they signed up. You earn 5000 for each new member! The daily Hot list resets, each day at 12 PM midnight New York USA time. The points automatically go to your total for the Monthly Hot list.

Monthly Hot list: Is the total of your Daily Hot list points, plus points you earn from other things, like sending emails, logging in, completing a University. The Monthly Hot list simply takes into account how active you are on the site. Monthly points are reset on the first of each month.

Lifetime Hot list: The running total of all your points.

To submit photos, stories or news stories, please go to that section and click the submit button. Remember that any items you submit will link to your profile under the " What and I up to" section. To submit a video, please send this in any format to fdssupport@gmail.com, include your ID number.